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This was the way that "Ryapar Balen's" one-year mayoral term came to an end.

This was the way that "Ryapar Balen's" one-year mayoral term came to an end. 

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On May 16 of the previous year, Balendra Shah (Balen), a well-known and respected engineer, was elected mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Balendra Shah (Balen), a well-known and renowned engineer, also brought Kathmandu to everyone's attention when he declared his candidacy for mayor. The preliminary public results of the vote count showed that voters in Kathmandu had cast their ballots for Balen, indicating their desire for "change," during the municipal elections that took place on the 30th of Baishakh last year.

He became a hot topic of conversation as soon as he announced his candidacy for mayor in the municipal elections. When competitors offered their opinions or criticisms, he responded clearly and with accuracy, whether in his speeches or throughout any program. This made Balen the center of attention.

In addition to placing people with legal backgrounds in each ward and delivering free ambulance services inside the city, the large metropolitan area has offered free legal consultation and services. The 'KMC App' was launched in order to digitize the city, making 31 services accessible to the general public online.

"Throughout the year, Balendra Shah (Balen) has participated in talks on a variety of topics, such as the dispute with the federal government, the use of rights by local governments, and cooperation with governmental organizations.

In the first year of Balen's presidency, the metropolis's revenue collection has made progress. Despite having financial limitations, he nonetheless saw a growth of 70.96 percent by the conclusion of the previous Vaishakh. He has received revenue totaling NPR 7,39,40,718 up until the present month of Vaishakh.

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